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Lee, Ya-Ching

shaw ping

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+886-7-525-2000 # 4951/4963

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Shaw, Ping


Ph.D.   Telecommunications, Indiana University at Bloomington  

M.A.    Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago  



Professor of Institute of Marketing Communication,               02/2003-present

National Sun Yat-sen Univeristy                                

Research Assistant in Dr. Rob Kling’ NSC research project       09/1997-04/1998

“The formation of science transmission and knowledge web”


research Interest

Media management

Digital marketing


Technology adoption

Environmental sustainability



Digital Media Strategy and Management


Digital Marketing


Entertainment Marketing and Media

Media Economics 



Professional Honors:

- Stanford University, USA World’s Top 2% Scientists 2021: 2022
- National Sun Yat-sen University Academic Excellence Award: 2022, 2023, 2024
- Fulbright Visiting Scholar, USA: 2021
- National Sun Yat-sen University Academic Journal Papers and Highly Cited Paper Scholars: 2021
- Outstanding Mentor Award, School of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University: 2020, 2024
- National Sun Yat-sen University recruits and retains outstanding talents from colleges and universities: 2015
- National Sun Yat-sen University recruits and retains outstanding talents from colleges and universities: 2016
- Citation award for international journal articles: 2013
- Case teaching method for advanced studies at Harvard University, USA: 2012
- Research Excellence Award (Young Scholar Award): 2006


Teaching Honors:

- Excellent Course Award, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

- AACSB Preparatory School of Management Committee member, academic year 102-105
- Instructor of "IMC E-Paper", 2012 - 2016
- Excellent Mentor of the School of Management: 2020
- Outstanding Instructor of Acts Institute: 2014, 2016, 2020, 2024




Lee, Y. C. & Shih, M. C. (in press). Can I Trust What You Say about the Smart Speaker? Effects of AI Anxiety and Biased Assimilation on Blog Comment Credibility. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 1–23. https://doi.org/10.1080/08838151.2024.2341051 (SSCI. Impact factor: 3.2, 在Communication 之排名為32/96, 33.33%).

李雅靖 (in press)。粉絲購買偶像商品意願之動機探討:擬社會關係與擬親人關係。台灣傳播學刊。(TSSCI)

Lee, Y. C. (in press). Framing Effects on Sustainable Behavior. Sustainable Development, https://doi.org/10.1002/sd.2988 (SSCI. Impact factor: 12.5, 在Development Studies 之排名為1/42, 2.38%). 

Lee, Y. C. (in press). The Motivations of Fans’ Intentions to Purchase Idols’ Merchandises: Parasocial Relationships and Parakin Relationships. Taiwan Journal of Communication Research. (TSSCI)

Lee, Y. C. (in press). Developing CSR Communication Strategies to Increase Sustainable Behaviors from the Perspective of Spiritual Capital. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, https://doi.org/10.1002/csr.2718 (SSCI. Impact factor: 8.741, 在Environmental Studies之排名為8/125, 6.40%).

Lee, Y. C., & Ho, Y. L. (2023). A Study on the Effects of Types of Micro-influencer, Appeal Types, and Language Styles. Case Study: Affordable Jewelry Communication & Society, 66, 75-111. (TSSCI)

Chen, W.L., & Lee, Y.C. (2023). Impacts of mobile AR: Immersion and tele-presence. Journal of e-Business,  25(2), 127-162. (TSSCI)

李雅靖、郭庭君(in Press)。聊天機器人不確定性與信任、品牌參與之關係。東吳經濟商學學報。


陳彣林、李雅靖(2023)「衣」試成主顧:行動擴增實境之沉浸感 與臨場感的影響。電子商務學報,25(2),127-162。(TSSCI) 


Lee, Y. C., & Ho, Y. L. (2022). Effects of gamification incorporated in branded apps on brand responses. International Journal of Mobile Communications, 20(1), 53-72. http://doi.org/10.1504/IJMC.2021.10033605 (SSCI)

Zheng, G. Q., & Lee, Y. C., (2022). Do Only Fujoshi Enjoy Tanbi? A Study of Chinese Fudanshi’s Motivations for Liking Tanbi CP in Domestic TV Series. Mass Communication Research, 153, 141-194. (TSSCI)

吳昱賢、李雅靖(2022)直搗你心:直播電商對顧客參與之影響。臺大管理論叢,32 (1),153-193。(TSSCI)

Lee, Y. C. (2021). Are Facebook Check-ins Always Good for Branding? The Green-eyed Monster in Chinese Culture. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 50, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.elerap.2021.101101 (SSCI Impact factor: 6.014, 在Business之排名為46/153, 30.06%).

Lee, Y. C. (2020). Communicating sustainable development: Effects of stakeholder-centric perceived sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 27, 1540-1551 (SSCI. Impact factor: 8.741, 在Environmental Studies之排名為8/125, 6.40%).

Feng, Y. T., & Lee, Y. C. (2020). Damages of Show-off Check-in. Journal of Communication Research and Practice,10(1), 109-140 (TSSCI).


Lee, Y. C. (2019). Adoption intention of cloud computing at the firm level. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 59(1), 61-72.

邱晟傑、李雅靖(2018)送獎送到心頭:網路抽獎對品牌的影響 (Ch.7)。電子商務與網路社會,116-129。高雄市:中山大學電子商務中心。


Lee, Y. C. (2018). Comparing Factors Affecting Attitudes toward LBA and SoLoMo Advertising. Information Systems and e-Business Management, 16(2), 357-381 (SSCI. Impact factor: 5.073, 在Management排名為 80 of 226 (35.40%).

Lee, Y.C., & Feng, Y. T. (2018). The eye-catching content for social media—A study on men’s fashion magazine. Journal of Communication and Practice, 8(1), 27-63. (TSSCI).

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Lee, Y. C. (2016).  Corporate Sustainable Development and Marketing Communications on Social Media: Fortune 500 Enterprises. Business Strategy and the Environment, 26(5), 569-583 (SSCI. Impact  factor: 3.479, 在Business 之排名為 13 of 120 (10.83%); Environmental Studies排名為 7 of104 (10.83%); Management之排名為 19 of 192 (9.89 %).​

Lee, Y. C. (2016). Determinants of Effective SoLoMo Advertising from the perspective of Social Capital. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 68(3), 326-346 (SSCI. Impact factor: 0.407 ,在Computer Science, Information System 之排名為17/139(12.23%), SCI  在Information Science & Library Science 之排名為2/85(2.35%)

李雅靖(2016)競合策略。中華傳播學刊,29,223-233 (TSSCI)。

Lee, Y. C. (2016). Why do People Adopt Cloud Services? Gender Differences.  Social Science Information, 55(1), 178-193. 

Lee, Y. C., & Liang, T. P. (2016).  A survey on business and information technology in Taiwan: Annual report 2014, in Vandana Mangal, Andreina Mandelli, Uday Karmarkar, and Antonella La Rocca (eds.), pp. 1-18. The UCLA Anderson Business and Information Technologies (BIT) Project. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

翁怡嘉、李雅靖(2016)觀看電影之整合決策模型:國龍v. 好萊塢帝國。高雄應用科技大學人文與社會科學學刊,2(1),1-16。